Cake Smash Baby!

When you’re pregnant, everyone always tells you ‘make sure you you cherish that first year, it goes so fast!’.

‘Yeah, yeah’ you think, massaging your swollen ankles, wishing that the baby would just hurry up and make its appearance already, so you can shave your legs and paint your toenails again.

And then bang, water breaks, midwives encourage, and a few colourful words later, you have that warm bundle in your arms, a sweet face and a love so strong it feels like a punch in the gut.

Fast-forward through the teeny newborn clothes in what seems like a week, the first nappy explosion, the first smile (probably at a raspberry noise, it’s inevitable) , god the teething, weaning onto solids, and praying their first word won’t be a swear word you accidentally let slip. All the big and small milestones, just the start of many of their lives, that first year is a magical blur you can only hope to remember some of, in a sleep deprived trance.

And then it’s their first birthday party. Yes you said ‘I’m never going to throw one for my kids- they don’t even remember them!’ yet here you are £100 down on Peter Rabbit decorations and stressing whether 6 types of dip really is enough.

You get to the end of the day, exhausted, pick up your phone and realise, in the only photo you have of you all that day, the tiny birthday goer is screaming blue murder and you have some soggy bits of cracker in your hair. Perfect.

That’s why just sometimes, it’s better to leave it to the professionals, and for food around the face to be artfully placed not forgotten and crusted on, with a Cake Smash shoot.

I know, I know, it sounds a little bit American Pinterest, like proms, yearbooks and baby reveal parties (or whatever the trend is now), but they are not only a great way to let your child throw loads of food over the floor and you not have to clean it up for once, they are a great way to capture the animated and care-free bliss of being a one year old. It’s all the best bits of dinner time, without the beans found on the floor for days, and with better lighting.

They are a great interactive shoot, I encourage parents to get involved, eating the cake and showing your child just how fun it is smear cake on your face. After the cake is (hopefully) all eaten and your child is covered in frosting, don’t worry I won’t send you packing with a sticky hyped up child. We’ll finish the session with a calming and soothing petal and milk bath, to get your little cherub all scrubbed up and baby soft, ready for the journey home.

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