Earth Day - How The Earth Inspires

As I mentioned in my first post, I grew up in the Peak District with a whole wealth of natural beauty on my doorstep. Whilst most teenagers would hate growing up in the middle of nowhere , finding it boring, for me it was a source of endless inspiration.

We had three collies growing up, and I would love taking them on long rambling walks, through woodland, on trails down by the river in the deep ravines of the High Peak, through villages full of whimsical cottages. I’d take my best friend along, and we’d fill our time chatting about our future, walking down the trail on a languid and heavy summer evening. There would be no sirens, no cars, no one around, just the sound of the breeze brushing over farmland, and the scramble of animals in the hedgerows.

It is truly blissful just thinking about those times

The change in the seasons would be signalled every year by the shoots of wildflowers on my dog walking routes, first the snowdrops and crocuses, then the woods would be awash with the dappled indigo of the bluebells, the first of the spring sunshine beaming down through the now blossoming trees. The landscape would become full and luscious, first dotted with clumsy lambs and then overflowing with that year’s harvest of rapeseed or corn.

The fields would then be magically swept clean, and the leaves would start to ignite into reds and oranges, setting the hills ablaze. Frost and misty mornings would now be the norm as I took the dogs for their morning walks, the landscape now more bare, more exposed, but still beautiful despite the bleakness.

The Derbyshire landscape could transport me from one novel or period drama to the next by the turn in seasons. I'd be in a summer daze with Marie Antionette, my own Petit Trianon surrounding me and as if no time had passed I'd be battling through the bleak winter moorland with Miss Eyre. The Earth is magical and can set imaginations alight. I owe an awful lot to Mother Nature, without her, Maisie Coulbert Photography would not exist.

Shot by Me in 2016

Nature really does shape the rhythms of our lives, however consciously we pay attention to it. That first spring morning when the sun’s warmth is finally enough to be felt, a moment on your back doorstep to absorb it, before carrying on with the rest of your day. The buzz of a sultry summer evening, the sound of neighbours chatting, lovers strolling, the crackle and smoke of barbecues being lit. The soft and milky late summer twilight, purple skies, the first of the chill in the air. The scraping of ice off your car, warming your hands as you sit down to begin your commute in the cosseting chill of the winter’s morning.

I did this shoot in 2018, shot in various locations around Derbyshire

Nature moulds and shapes those small moments in our lives, and to me it will always be my first source of inspiration, whether it’s from the flora and fauna, the way the golden hour sunlight lights up my kitchen, or the tonal colour scheme of an autumnal woodland.

Happy Earth Day to you all. Now more than ever, it is important to relish those glimpses of beauty Mother Nature shows us, and protect it for the future, so she can continue to be a home and inspiration for all the generations to come.

I now turn my florals towards my newborn, child and family photography and set my little toddlers up in a serene natural setting, allowing me to shoot their little lives in full bloom!

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