Fun In The Garden - Kiddie Portrait Sessions

With everything going on *I won't mention the C word* we have to admit, the weather has been great and for those of you with children, you must feel pretty blessed to be able to get outside.

The past few months would have been even more hellish if we'd had a truly British summer and it rained the whole time. In fact, for many evenings it has felt like I've been in the Med rather than the Cotswolds. Which made me miss my cancelled holiday slightly less. Anyway I digress, the point I'm wanting to make is with all the sun and the time spent enjoying your gardens with the children, I'm seeing more and more people have taken the time to plant more flowers, draw chalk murals, buy new furniture and really get to know the space they are lucky enough to have outdoors.

This is a wonderful thing. Getting back to nature and enjoying just being in your own little slice of wilderness.

And that's where I drop in. Hello!

Now we're allowed to visit people in their gardens, I've found it to be the most perfect setting for kiddie portrait sessions.

I went to visit little Jaxon for a portrait session. Once he'd got his explorers outfit on he took me on a tour of his wonderful garden which had bloomed throughout lockdown.

We picked strawberries, smelt the flowers and he showed me his vast collection of sticks. He had a great time showing someone around his garden, that him and his mummy and daddy had worked so hard on, and I got some beautiful little pictures for them all to enjoy for many years to come.

But also, nobody can deny that he just looks absolutely adorable among the flowers!

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