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Updated: Apr 13

Well this isn’t exactly how I’d planned on launching a business is it? But then again, life doesn’t always take the path you’d planned.

I’m Maisie, and I want to tell you a little bit of my journey to this point. I grew up in the Peak District, and have always been drawn to the wildness of the landscape, which coupled with my love for Austen novels meant I spent a lot of time romanticising about running around in period dress. Instead as my interest in photography began, I did the next best thing and like all teenagers started by taking photos of my mates. I'd beg them to stand in the freezing cold in a ball gown pretending to have been scorned by a brooding man, and so my portfolio begun. Eventually, when my friends got sick of it, I used money saved from Saturday jobs to fund my own shoots, buying flowers, paying models and make-up artists. I travelled all over the world at 18, organising shoots in Australia (with horses), and America, snapping wherever I went.

When the craving for a proper cup of tea eventually became too much (and the money ran out…), I came back to the UK and decided to do a degree at Leeds University, earning myself a BA (Hons) Photographic Journalism along with a stint living in NYC photographing fashion week shows. From there, I tried out the Big Smoke, and got an MA in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. Whilst I loved my time in London, the draw of the countryside became too much, moving first to Leicestershire to work for Next in their studios, and then eventually settling in the Cotswolds.

I’ve spent the last year, between my nannying jobs and walking my beloved Dalmatian-cross Dylan in the beautiful area I now call home, slowly forming the idea for Maisie Jane Photography in my head. It all started with the family I was working with asking me to take a few photos of them in a laid-back photoshoot. The photos turned out more beautiful than I could have hoped, and I saw how family photography is so important in capturing those moments, especially in the early days when everything goes so fast. I started to explore newborn photography, and my love of props, floral arrangements and well, a cute squishy baby seemed to all fit together. I love how creative you can be, from simplistic photos of a baby in a basket, to a fully curated jungle scene. I’d started to build my portfolio and was ready to dive in and launch, when the pandemic hit, and unfortunately, you can’t photograph babies over video call.

Rather than delay launch any further, I’ve decided to stay creative and share some of my work so far, and spend the time with connecting with you all, so that when the time comes, I’m bursting with more ideas than ever. For now, Dylan will have to put up with being dressed in a flower crown.

(You know what the best thing about photographing babies and dogs is? They don’t complain about the outfits you dress them in!)

I hope you’re all staying safe inside, snuggling with your loved ones and watching all your favourite box sets. Feel free if you want to drop me an email with any ideas for when we can all be allowed out safely again. Banana bread recipes are also welcome.

Maisie Jane x

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