Photography in the time of Covid-19

It’s been a challenge, we all know this. But lots of people have found ways to adapt. Whether it’s their business, working from home, home schooling, exercise. Whatever it may be, most people have discovered they can do something a new way.

For me, it was shooting. I found it is possible to do a shoot over FaceTime. Granted, the quality is dramatically different to using a DSLR but I didn’t expect it any other way. The aim for me wasn’t technical quality of image, the aim was to just create something. And I did, with my lovely friend, dog lover, houseplant enthusiast and most importantly Jewellery designer, Annabelle, owner of London based Jewellery company House of Law.

Annie at her work bench in London, I was in my home studio in the Cotswolds and together we were able to create something really nice.

Uplifting, creative and supportive for us both. I hope you enjoy this Q&A and shoot with Annie.

You can check out House of Law on insta

Ok so to kick this off, as I know your jewellery style but readers of this may not, what 3 words would you use to describe your brand?

"Hmmm odd, disconcerting and unique!"

What’s your main inspiration for your new collection?

"I’m working on a few things. One collection remains on my theme of ‘memento mori’ with teeth being the main source of inspiration. The other collection I’m currently designing centres around a modern day version of ‘Saint’ pendants. I think what i’ve found is that my collections might change but ultimately my jewellery pieces are meant to be highly personal to the wearer, perhaps evoking in them a memory or so they can draw strength, or even humour from it should they need to."

How have you found being creative during this uncertain time?

"I’ve actually taken a small step back from the bench during lockdown and instead focussed more on personal projects such as sewing and sketching which is something I haven’t had the time to do in a long, long time. It’s given my brain a bit of a re-set and I’m ready to get back into it with my jewellery making."

For young designers, maybe who are just about to begin their degree, what advice would you give them about how to establish their brand?

"I think establishing an online presence is important. I think allow yourself to experiment with your style. Try not to get stuck with just one aesthetic, because going to uni will allow you to really branch out and explore. Even if you’re not studying and you’ve decided to start your own business from scratch, just allow yourself that space to get out of your comfort zone."

What does the future look like for House of Law?

"I think my first step is to properly establish myself online. But I don’t want to make only jewellery, I’d love to branch out with some clothing and prints too. I’d definitely love to do more collaborations. That’s the beauty of having your own business, the world really is your oyster."

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