The Beauty Of Prints - Memory Box

I’ve been telling myself for, I’d say the past 10 years, that after every holiday, party or event I'm going to print off all the pictures I take and put them into frames, albums or scrapbook them.

Have I ever done that? Not even once! And I call myself a photographer!

“An image doesn’t exist until it’s printed”

Something that is always on my mind when it comes to my photos are words of wisdom from my photography professor from when I was at University in New York, “An image doesn’t exist until it’s printed.” Wow, I thought, he’s really nailed it there. (I still think that!)

But gone are the days where you’d drop your disposable off at Boots, only to pick it up a week later with a double stack of prints from your trip to the seaside. Or in your teens, awkwardly sat with your boyfriend at your mums house, whilst she got the albums out to flick through pictures of you, aged 3, wandering about wearing only a sunhat and having a bath in a washing up bowl in the drive way. Analog photography dips in and out of fashion, polaroids made a spectacular come-back and people are loving the 35mm vibe.

However when it comes to printing and displaying our most beloved photographs in our home, it’s rarely a thing we get round to doing.

So when my clients come to their viewing sessions and try to decide between different products, they’ll find me raving about my beautiful memory box display piece. Each box, lovingly hand made in Italy, makes for a stylish and elegant display option for your favourite prints.

This memory box is without a doubt my best seller and I believe it’s because it fits so nicely into your home, no large canvases and nails in the wall. They can hold up to 20 perfectly mounted prints and can be placed on your coffee table, dresser or book case as a subtle exhibit of your most beautiful shots. You can change the front image and the orientation of the box so it feels like a new product over and over again. The effortless way to show off your prints. Not trips to Boots necessary.

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