The New Normal - Family Photography Sessions

If someone asked me what the most important things in my life were before lockdown began, I would have answered with “Well Dylan of course and my partner Ques. My family and closest friends, my camera and books”. I also would have thought in the back of my mind, but maybe not said it out loud, that actually my hairdryer and straighteners fall into this category, along with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, my regular stream of ASOS deliveries and planning my outfits for my upcoming 2 week Mediterranean cruise.

However as time has come to pass and I’ve spent more time cocooned inside my home than ever before, separated from almost everyone I love most in the world and only communicating via screen time (something I’ve tried so hard to limit but now use to the max), I’ve realised my answer has changed somewhat.

Whilst my camera and books remain firmly at the top, I’ve realised I can in fact survive without Dairy Milk and I was perhaps too hasty to enter it into my ‘top 10 most important things in my life’ category (Sorry Chocolate Gods if you’re listening). I’ve also realised that I can go at least 5 days without washing my hair and it does look ok in a bun. Albeit a very messy bun. I’ve found that browsing ASOS and saving money is just as much fun as seeing the post man stuffing my order through the letter box. And of course the cruise is cancelled and I’m really not too bothered. In fact, I’m thinking that a lovely British seaside holiday sounds just as lovely, at least then we can take Dylan.

So what would I do now, if you asked me that question again, about what the most important things in my life are? Well I would scream at you,


Not chocolate or ASOS. Not mentally globetrotting or spending an hour trying to make my hair look effortlessly glam like the French. Although yes, I still enjoy these things, I’ve found that actually they’re not the glue that holds me together but rather those other people are and if I didn’t realise before just how much I need my family and friends around me, I sure as hell do now!

Family is everything. No matter how big or small, how complicated, how weird. Just having a network of people like that around you, to know they’re there, is a feeling like no other.

So I believe now it’s time to celebrate families. Once we’re allowed and it’s safe, gather them up from far and wide to laugh and smile together, making new memories and putting these tough times behind us.

I’m offering a 50% discount on all family photography sessions that are booked for August and September 2020. So instead of a £99 session fee, it’ll be £49. Plus a 10% discount on image bundles/wall art.

More info and T&C's can be found on my website here.

All family photography sessions will be shot outside at a location of your choice, social distancing between you and me is very easily done, I don’t need to come closer than 2m.

So let's look to the future and celebrate what’s really important.

To book your family photography session please visit the website by clicking here

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