When is the best time for a Family Photoshoot?

If it's a family photo session booked with myself, then it's going to be shot on location somewhere in the beautiful Cotswolds. Like many photographers, I'll take advantage of the nature around me and shoot with natural light. This can, at times, be a challenge but I adore natural light, every hour of the day it's different.

So whenever I have a client book a family shoot and we begin to arrange a time, you will find my answer to remain the same. Golden hour please, I’ll say.


It’s hard to explain just how magical it is but I’ll give it a go…

I guess the most obvious thing about it is the rich sunlight that pours down between the trees. It creates rich deep shadows and earthy tones. Greens of the fields become velvety and smooth, yellows look like honey. Shooting out in the countryside at golden hour is earthy bliss.

Seeing sunspots and flare in the lens always gets me taking a quick breath, that short sharp breath of wonder and surprise. Every time. I get a shot like that and I know I’m winning this shoot.

Whilst my subjects are basking in the glow of rich shadows, the light in the sky around them makes a sort of dream halo. I know that sounds weird but you know sometimes when you’re outside and you rub your eyes, when you open them again for a split second everything is bright and hazy? A dream like softness to it. That’s one of the best bits about golden hour. That’s what the sky is like around the sun, hazy and soft and dreamy.

Golden hour gives you so much choice about what style of photo you want. You can get a lovely mix between darker, moodier shots and light and airy shots depending on what you’re going for there’s so much versatility.

My most recent family shoot is a brilliant example of how wonderful golden hour is and how versatile it can be.

I love, love, love it as I’m sure many other photographers do. So if you’re thinking of booking a family session, ask for golden hour, you won’t regret it.

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