Why do people have Sitter Sessions?

Why do people have Sitter Sessions?

Well that is a good question, and the short answer is, because they look cute.

But let me just pad that out a little...

Sitter shoots are for babies aged between 5-7 months but basically just whenever they can sit up confidently by themselves.

They’re seen as a milestone shoot, aimed at capturing your little one once they’ve made one of their first big achievements in their growing and development.

And like all good things, blink and you’ll miss it.

You’ll most likely look back on their childhood and not really remember the exact time they learnt to sit by themselves, the same goes for their first tooth, first word, first smile etc etc. The memories will be there of course, but actually having something physical to look back on and pinpoint an exact time in their life is unlikely.

Now that’s where I come in. Maisie Coulbert Photography Sitter Session to the rescue.

No frills or drama, just your sweet little baby; smiley, chubby and wearing something cute to show off those rolls that we all love so much. I like to keep the setting minimal so it really is all about capturing them having a great time with this new skill they’ve learnt. With a bit of tummy time and rolling thrown into the mix, the end result really is something to cherish forever…and break out on their 18th birthday of course!

So if your baby is just reaching that milestone and you’re there cheering them on, check out my website and give me a call to book your sitter session and we can all celebrate it together and capture something magical for you and your family.

Never miss a moment with Maisie Coulbert Photography

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